Female Portrait - Molly Belle on Unsplash
Photo by Molly Belle on Unsplash

This is a rot that could poison us all.
The ooze of the darkest web, creeping to consume.
It has taken life; in a victim’s costume.
It howls injustice, licks at imaginary hurts;
Supposèd cut into their sought-after skin.

A body is more than the sum of its parts.
A woman is light, and joy, and grace, and art.
Our bodies are not make believe
Interlocking parts and pieces
Inanimate to plough down and destroy.
We own every shard of ourselves.
We are a gift.

It matters not what I am made of.
I am joy, and heaven, and a blinding light.
Far beyond your imagination or line of sight.
Do not try to dream of me or my body.
How dare you even conjure my image for your
Unworthy Eyes?

You believe that women owe you everything;
their body, their autonomy, their very lives.
In the ancient words of the old and wise:

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

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  1. This one is very good. Powerful use of language, especially alliteration and imagery too, and that’s before I even start thinking about the subject-matter. That incel entitlement shit really does my head in. Keep on writing…

    1. Thank you! Means a lot… I’ve been really trying to think about structure/imagery recently. I tend to find that no two versions of my poems are the same though! They change every time I write them down!

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