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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

To stand in the presence of the universe is something indeed.
To feel that blanket of inky black cast itself over your head;
And to watch as the stars stitch themselves into the fabric of time;
Revealing to you, the watcher, all the ages of existence.

To stand there with awe is to be reminded of our size;
That we are small beyond belief and are less than a
breath of time as it undulates through space.
There is comfort in this: for we are free, and in the end it shall go on;
There is joy in it too; so stand back, look up, and
Watch the stars, for they too gaze back.

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  1. My favorite for several reasons. I love astronomy. My favorite star is Capella,actually 2 stars. Standing beneath a clear sky at night,witnessing the galaxies, the beauty offered is a blessing as each twinkle is a reminder of loved ones gone and reminding they are still watching out. And you captured my heart with this one. Thank you for your insight & for sharing

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