May: My Favourite Blog Posts

I have a very varied interest when reading blog posts – most things will grab my attention as long as they are well written and informative. Below is a fairly eclectic mix of blog posts that grabbed my attention this month and provided me room for thought or I found really interesting. They’re very varied, and I’ve tried to give some indication under each one as to what they’re vaguely about!

  1. 7 ways to improve productivity and get the most out of your week. – Georgia Leece
    • Productivity/Self-Improvement/Listicle
  2. Setting Healthy BoundariesKat Blue Jay
    • Mental Health/Self-Care
  3. Hamlet: The Struggle For IdentityDiscovering Shakespeare
    • Shakespeare/English Literature/Adaptations
  4. Tech & Social Media Detox + I Switched Off for Over 72 hours – Sparkle on Darling
    • Self-Care/Travel (Australia)/Technology
  5. Note-taking tipsInfinite Muon
    • University/Studying Tips
  6. Other Voices of the Great WarLit.Gaz
    • History/First World War/Historical Research
  7. Tomb Raider: A Feminist Role Model?The Thing Is
    • Lara Croft/Gaming/Feminism
  8. 10 MORE things your Bookseller wants you to knowBridie’s Book Abyss
    • Books/Retail/Customer Service
  9. When will hip-hop have it’s #MeToo reckoning?Longreads
    • Music/Feminism/Hip-Hop
  10. Mapping my weeks: my current productivity hackHannah Brencher
    • Productivity/DIY
Reading Online - Fabian Irsara
Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash

Disclaimer: These blog posts may not actually have been written this month, it’s just when I discovered them.

I hope you go and check some of them out – I know they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re all worth a read!

What have been your favourite blog posts this month? Give them a shout out/link in the comments so I can check them out! (Please don’t link your own).


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