I like to set myself goals. I don’t believe in setting too many, or having them be too hard, so that if you don’t achieve them it becomes utterly demotivating. It also feels good to cross goals off – it keeps me on track to be able to see where I’m headed. So, without further ado – here are my goals (blogging & otherwise) for June. I’ll do another post at the end of the month to see how I got on.

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Blogging Goals

  • Maintain at least a 25% engagement level – this is something I’m extremely grateful for. Whenever I post, I seem to get at least 25% likes/comments as I do views. To me this is amazing, and extremely important. I’d much rather have a smaller number of hits (which I do at the moment!) and have a high level of readers interacting with my stuff. It’s great, and it means a lot to know that someone has taken the time to do it.
  • Reach 85 followers – Somehow it feels a bit uncomfortable to put a follower goal in place, but because it’s an admission that you actually want people to read your stuff and to think it’s worthy of following you for more. Well sod it, I’m just going to own it. Of course I want people to read my stuff and like it. Here’s hoping! *fingers crossed*
  • Schedule July’s posts – Believe it or not I had most of June’s posts scheduled in May. I want to stay ahead of that curve, rather than scrabbling to keep up with my posts. I currently have 38 drafts/ideas sitting in my posts folder, so I have plenty to be working on, so I have no excuse as to why I should fall behind. That 38 also does not include upcoming numbered poems (which I have stored elsewhere), or Haiku Friday (which I write weekly).

Life Goals

  • Explore – I am getting a bike. It’s mostly going to be used to cycle to and from work on nice days, but I also want to use to explore bits of my town that I’ve never really got to before. I’ve lived here for nearly six years and there are places I haven’t been because they’re just too far to walk. I live next to a lovely river – I’d like to explore up and down the riverbank for a start.
  • Lose at least 3kg – I’ve been putting on weight steadily this year and I don’t like it. I know the reason – I used to be really active in sport, but since my work stepped up I have found myself really tired and demotivated in the evening. I’m hoping that getting my bike will help me kick start on the whole weight loss thing.

What goals are you hoping to reach this month? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. How about….sort out other part of my wardrobe…….
    And give anything ai dont want, dont use, dont need to charity for someone else to loge/ use ?

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