25 Before 25

I saw this update from Karalee about how she was doing on her mission to do 25 things before she reached her 25th birthday, and it got me thinking about my own impending quarter-century. I turn 25 three months, just as the summer starts to turn to Autumn, so I decided to make a list of the things I would like to do and/or achieve by then. Some of these are already on the books – I don’t want to make this so hard for myself that I never get around to completing it!

Birthday Cupcakes


  1. Go dark-sky star watching – I’m a bit of a nerd (as you may have gathered from my blog!), and I love to star gaze.
  2. Finish writing a letter to my grandma.
  3. Finish my red leuchtturm A4 journal – So I can start in my new black Moleskine one on my 25th Birthday – kick off the next quarter of a century on a fresh page!
  4. Type up all my poems into an ordered state – at the moment quite a lot of my poems are typed up, but there’s still a fair few in various notebook or just on phone. I’d like to get them all into one place.
  5. Learn how to berimbolo over my left shoulder – this is probably jibberish to most of you, but I do a sport called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and in it there is a move called a berimbolo. Now, I can do this move over my right shoulder, but not over my left, so that’s a goal for the next three months!
  6. Make use of my new bike.
  7. Have a dinner party.
  8. Go out dancing for a night.
  9. Start posting some of my art on my blog – yes, I do dabble in a wee bit of drawing here and there. I haven’t quite plucked up the courage to put it on my blog yet, however. Also, I’m not sure how to get them in a high-res enough state for my blog because at the moment I just take pictures of the drawings on my phone… any ideas?
  10. Finish reading: ‘Assassin’s Quest’ – Robin Hobb, ‘A History of Histories’ – J. W. Burrow, ‘The Song of Achilles’ – Madeline Miller, & ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’ – Neil MacGregor.
  11. Finish the main Skyrim Questline – Did I mention that I was a geek..?
  12. Re-read ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and do the series of blog posts I have planned for it.
  13. Finish my college essays for this year – despite having a full time job, I am also still doing a qualification, and there’s a few things I need to do to get over the line!
  14. Start using Pinterest more for my blog – you can check out my (rather small) pinterest page here.
  15. Learn about SEO, and whether it’s a thing I need to be bothered about.
  16. Finish organising the photos off my old phone – all 5,000+ of them!
  17. Make a list of meals/recipes I can reliably cook, so I don’t end up getting to 7pm each day and wandering aimlessly into the kitchen thinking about what I should have to eat.
  18. Get that skirt back on – everyone has one of these. A piece of clothing that they just need to get back on because it used to fit… and now it doesn’t.
  19. Collage my photos that are currently stuck to the wall behind my bed, so they stop falling off!
  20. Sort out my wardrobe drawers, and get rid/donate of any items that I shouldn’t still have lying around.
  21. Spend less time on social media.
  22. Brush up on my Spanish before my holiday in the Autumn. I used to be alright at it, but not having used it in over a year, I’ve gotten a little rusty!
  23. Plan my friend’s hen do! – One of my best friends from school is getting married, so we’ve got to have an awesome party to celebrate.
  24. Watch more movies that I wouldn’t normally pick – I’ve got access to Netflix and Amazon Prime and yet I always seem to end up watching more of the same thing!
  25. Come to terms with the fact that I would now be in the “old” group on the X-Factor! – This one is supposed to be a joke, but really? I always remember when watching that show, that they’d be the 18-24 category, and then the 25+ category, which was the one that none of the judges wanted! I’m changing age bracket, and with it some of my perspectives, but you know what? It’s going to be great fun.
cupcake by Aron Visuals
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

I’ll do an update at some point during the summer to see how I’m getting on and whether there’s any chance I’ll get these done before I turn 25 in three months time!

Read my July update. 

If you’ve got any great suggestions about how I might get some of these done, let me know in the comments!

27 thoughts on “25 Before 25

  1. The only things I can remember about being 25 are that I’d just finished my MA, and was living in Halton… the rest isn’t even a blur.

    1. I have diaries logging the past twelve years… so even if I forget, I can read about it! Guess it’ll be like reading a story in the parts I have no memory of!

  2. Dark skies in August from a shepherds hut…..cant wait.
    Dancing next weekend at The Motown party…..
    And the rest….
    Well letter to Grandma could be personally delivered if you write it by Thursday!

  3. Happy really early birthday lol. Cool idea to do 25 before your 25th birthday. I just followed you on Pinterest by the way (I’m @theinquisitivewriter) I’m currently inviting fellow bloggers to share their blog pins on my Pinterest board, Community of Bloggers. Would you like to be a part of it?

    1. I’d love to! I’m not very pinterest savvy (just to warn you!), but I’m trying to learn how I can use it for my blog… 🙂 Thanks for helping me out!

  4. I love how you share your goals and your positive outlook on the world here. These are a lot of goals, but some of them could be combined, such as 1, 8, 18 and the back into that one about fitting into that favourite skirt. You can plan a light salad dinner party for your friends, followed by dancing in that skirt demonstrating your berimbolo, after which you iinvite all to move out beyond the patio to watch the stars, as long as you pick a good night. You might need a rain check for that last goal. A bonus might be that, later in the summer, there are a couple of nights which feature meteor showers. Just try also to avoid a full or three quarter moon! Best regards and bon chance! Post a photo of the party, why not?

    1. A lovely comment! Unfortunately definitely won’t be berimboling in a skirt as it involves rolling over your shoulders (kind of like a teddy bear roll?) pretty much impossible to do in anything other than gym wear!

      I am going to stay in a dark sky area for a few nights in August – really looking forward to it! 🙂

  5. Oops! Woops! I am glad you chose not to give me the cold left shoulder after that blunder. I should have looked up the dancing term. Then again, if you taught such a dance move to your friends gathered, they could all be occupied trying to get it right in whatever attire is appropriate for the occasion. As for posting a photo of the event. Yeah, I can see that might require some sartorial constraints.

  6. Such a great post of wonderful things to achieve! Looks like you’ve got a busy 3 months ahead of you 🌻 good luck on your endeavors and cheers to you making a quarter of a century ✨💕
    (I hit my quarter century mark this past December 😊)

  7. I love your list! I’m 19 but making this list is a great idea and gave me so much insight into the person you are!( A rather fun one,if anyone’s asking!) These are all great list items and some definitely feature on my 25 before 25(which I’ll write soon too!) Or just 20 before 20 but you get my point.

    1. Yeah I definitely won’t be stressing – it’s more “things it would be fun to do”, rather than I must do this kinda list, but that title isn’t as catchy!

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