Haiku Friday: 15 June 2018


Writing - Alvaro Serrano on Unsplash

This is a bad week.
They come and they go for me.
I will continue.

This week has been a bit of sucky week for me mental health wise – I seem to have been struggling a bit with things, but I am definitely feeling better today than I did earlier this week, which is always a good thing!

Haiku Friday 8 June: Guest Haikus

I had some great haikus posted by readers last week!

Anna clearly wanted to go home:

Filling my Friday
With internet distractions
Can I go home yet?

David was enjoying the summery weather in the UK:

Phew what a scorcher
Says the sad Daily Express
Much more please, says I

If you had to write a haiku for your week what would it be? Remember haiku has to have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, and it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Post your Haiku in the comments so I can see them!

3 thoughts on “Haiku Friday: 15 June 2018

  1. My week has been exhausting keeping up with a sick baby who has so much energy and is so happy, he dealt with it like a champ. So here’s my rough haiku.

    I haven’t had rest
    But then I see you smiling
    So I stop and stare

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