Portraits - by Jay Chow
Portrait by Jay Chow

There is beauty in this pain,
Because it means we have felt
It All.
Everything and nothing.
In those moment with clasped
hands and conjoined mouths,
Grace does not last forever.
Touch it, and feel the edges where
I ended and your life went on.

I will stand there to look for you,
in the shadows of other people,
trying to draw your outline from
someone else’s silhouette.
But one day, one day it will change,
the shape will shift, and the
Dark will be chased away.
I will turn from these moments of memories
to the new source of light.


Jay is a Liverpool based photographer who kindly let me use this picture to accompany this poem. Go check out some more of his incredible work on his website. You can also find him on Instagram @jaychow.co. 

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