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Summer solstice seen, 
Flickering lights in the sky,
Flames of a new dawn. 

Did you do anything for the summer solstice? One of these days I’ll go and watch the sunset/rise at Stonehenge!

Haiku Friday 15 June: Guest Haiku

JenaPen was looking after her little boy:

I haven’t had rest
But then I see you smiling
So I stop and stare


If you had to write a haiku for your week what would it be? Remember haiku has to have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, and it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Post your Haiku in the comments so I can see them & post them up here next week!

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4 replies on “Haiku Friday: 22 June 2018

  1. I like this one a lot! 😎 I’m usually terrible with haiku but let’s see if I can do this….

    My sunglasses on
    hair tied back and windows down
    music on full blast.

    That’s me trying to bring to life driving with the windows down listening to tunes while driving.

    Also, to ramble some more, I always have enjoyed reading haiku despite my lack of trying it out more often. Your haikus are always a treat to read!! ~Kelsey

  2. I love this! It’s so great how beautiful your haiku is with such few words. I am excited to follow your blog, it seems like you have very creative ideas and do a great job engaging your readers!

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