June: My Favourite Blog Posts

I have a very varied interest when reading blog posts – most things will grab my attention as long as they are well written and informative. Some of these are from people I followed beforehand, and have enjoyed their previous work, others are because I stumbled across them using the search function of wordpress. I find that since Community Pool ended I have to work that bit harder to find awesome bloggers out there. It would be great if people would share what they liked, and let me know, so we can start reading all the great stuff that’s available on WordPress!

Below is a fairly varied mix of blog posts that grabbed my attention this month and provided me room for thought or I found really interesting. They’re very varied, and I’ve tried to give some indication under each one as to what they’re vaguely about!

Reading Online - Fabian Irsara

What Happened When I Started Living Intentionally by Hestia Speaks

“Living with intention takes life from being a race from one point to the next and makes it enjoyable, playful, and noticed all the way along.”

(Self-improvement, healthy living, minimalist living, social media detox)

Spring Day Trips from Tokyo by Celia in Tokyo

“The spectacle I went to see was along the banks of the Arakawa River, just a short walk from Kumagaya Station. Like smoke billowing from a bushfire, the row of giant sakura trees seemed to engulf the field of canola flowers in front of it.”

This blog was featured on Discover, and it is truly beautiful. 

(Travel, Japan) 

The Oldest Cherry Blossom Tree in Japan by The Treeographer

“It’s called Jindai-zakura, or ‘The Cherry Blossom from the Age of the Gods’.”

I adored this blog, crossing my love for history in with the wanderlust that I am clearly experiencing this month (I mean, just look at this list!).

(Travel, nature, history, trees, Japan)

New Zealand: Lake Taupo by Mary Anna Reyes

“No amount of photos will ever be able to fully detail the incredible force that is Huka Falls. The water is….astronomically and remarkably powerful. It forces itself through the passageway and pours over itself into the falls.”

(Travel, New Zealand, Adventure)

Hong Kong – this is an adventure by Emily Youngman

“I was so impressed with Hong Kong, I knew it was meant to be extremely busy, but it really wasn’t as crazy as I expected it to be, especially all the tourist spots!”

(Travel, China, Hong Kong)

Why Bloggers Should Support Each Other by Paige on Currently, Lately

“Being supportive of other bloggers is what allows the community to thrive. When blogging is made into a competition, it loses its fun and authenticity.”

(Blogging, blogging community, blog improvement)

Read This When You Are Feeling Burned Out by Callie Leigh

“We should listen to ourselves, be honest with others, and take a step back when we need a moment, a breath.”

(Self-care, mental health) 

How to Write Better Blog Posts by Mia on Beautiful, Inspiring, Creative… Life

“Here’s the thing about blogging: just doing it is not good enough. Just bashing up a post and hitting publish isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

(Blogging, blog improvement)

Norway: Getting Started by Gone Roaming

“We are now a few days in and we are absolutely blown away by the beauty of this country and the amazing scenery all around us.”

Norway is on my immediate to-do list, so I loved this blog and looking at some of the beautiful pictures. Now I really really want to go as soon as possible! 

(Travel, Norway) 

24 Hours in Hanoi by Sunshine All Year

“Boasting delicious food, French architecture and vibrant street-life, it’s no surprise why this compact city is fast becoming a travel hot spot.”

(Travel, Vietnam, Solo-Travel, Food)

Disclaimer: These blog posts may not actually have been written this month, it’s just when I discovered them.

I hope you go and check some of them out – I know they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re all worth a read! Check out my favourite posts from May if you need more inspiration & reading material!

What have been your favourite blog posts this month? Give them a shout out/link in the comments so I can check them out! (Please don’t just link your own – I will count this as spam).

15 thoughts on “June: My Favourite Blog Posts

  1. Oh such kind words! Thank you 😀 Norway was absolutely amazing! We just got home and are already planning our next visit. I’ll publish part two of this trip on Friday 😉

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and I am glad that I did. I always am on the search for new blogs to follow and you listed some amazing blogs here. Thank you. Can’t wait to read more posts from you in the future!

  3. Omg so I stumbled on the “Spring Day Trips from Tokyo” from the Discover page, then I went to comment and saw the pingback to your page 😂 what a coincidence

      1. A pingback is when someone links to one (or more) of your posts or pages. For example if I included a link to your blog (isabellahume.com) in one of my posts, you wouldn’t get a notification that I put that link there. But, if I put https://isabellahume.com/2018/06/30/june-my-favourite-blog-posts/ into my post, you’d get a notification, like a comment. In the “Spring Day Trips” post, I saw the link to the post that you mentioned “Spring Day Trips” in the comments, clicked on it, and ended up here. Hope that explains it!

        1. Ahhh okay! That’s useful to know! I didn’t mean it to be self-serving to create those lists, but it’s interesting that there’s that aspect to it as well. Thanks for explaining <3

          1. No problem! I discovered this when I was doing an awards post (I used to make up awards) and give em’ to bloggers. One of them commented that I was only linking to their home page and explained how pingbacks worked.

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