I set myself goals at the beginning June. See the post about how I was going to go about it and motivations for them over at this page.

So… how did I do? 

June Goals Round Up

Blogging Goals

  • Maintain at least a 25% engagement level – I’m so grateful for my amazing readers, on some of my posts I’m getting 75% engagement between views and likes/comments. It means so much to me that you guys read my stuff and then take the time to like & comment to let me know you’re liking it. I’d much rather have lower views and higher levels of engagement (although high traffic would also be great – not going to lie to you on that one!). Thank you so much for liking and commenting on my posts – it keeps me motivated, and let’s me know when I’m doing something right, or when I’m doing it wrong!
  • Reach 85 followers – I hit this on the 16 June (I reached 100 on 18 June :O). Very excited and happy because of this. I might have to get a little more crazy for my July followers goal and then not be too disappointed if I don’t get there!
  • Schedule July’s posts – Okay, I’ve definitely not done so well on this one! I’ve got the first two weeks set up, but as I publish 5 days out of 7 (and sometimes more!), it’s quite difficult to keep up with that level of content creation massively ahead of time. I’ll keep working at it though – the last thing I want to do is reach a point when I’m thinking “oh crap, what am I going to post now?”.

Life Goals

  • Explore – This one hasn’t been so easy this month. I’ve not been all that well for about two weeks in June. Yay *depression*… On the up side though, I’m feeling a lot better now than I was and will be carrying this goal over into July to get out and about!
  • Lose at least 3kg – Hahahahahahaha. Early June me was so funny.


Did you meet your goals in June? If not, it’s not the end of the world! There’s always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow… If yes; well done! Keep up with the good work!


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7 replies on “End of June: How Did I Do?

  1. OMG LMAO “Early June me was so funny.” I ALMOST SPAT OUT MY COFFEE!
    Congrats on the blog growth! I am just now getting back into the swing of blogging and I can only hope to put out new content 5 or more days a week!

  2. I’m very sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with depression! That’s awful. Glad you’re feeling a bit better right now, though, and I hope for your sake you can completely kick it to the curb soon!!

  3. Congrats on meeting your goals! I have a twenty-something daughter who’s getting ready to build her blog, I’m going to follow yours and encourage her to do so too…! PS – found your blog on the inquisitive writer’s blog party post! Happy blogging to you!

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