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Feeling more myself
Sense of self slow to return
But the glow is back. 

I feel a little bit like I’m getting back to myself. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m feeling better than I did last week. It might be slightly odd, but I always imagine that “me” is this little ball of light that resides somewhere inside myself; when I’m feeling like crap it feels as if that light dims or goes out. Now the glow is back, and I’m feeling like I might be getting back to my shiny self sometime soon.

Haiku Friday 20 July: Guest Haiku

Kristian still hadn’t had any rain (any luck yet?):

My Prayers Unanswered
Still there has been no rain here
Will it ever Come?

If you had to write a haiku for your week what would it be? Remember haiku has to have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, and it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Post your Haiku in the comments so I can see them & post them up here next week!

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