I have compiled a list of all the poetry I have published in July, just in case you missed any and would like to go back and check them out!


None of my poetry have titles, and the numbering is fairly arbitrary if I’m being completely honest. The numbers link to each of the full poems.

Which one did you like best this month? What’s your favourite quote (if you have one?).

Hope you enjoy reading these are much as I did writing them!


Funny how when my world goes indigo,
I care so much about what you think.


These words aren’t about you;
They’re about everyone who has
Ever Been.


I feel the weight of history over my head,
A featherlight touch and tender kiss of
everything that has ever happened.


The grey gauze is covering my eyes
Only letting me see through the film.


Is there a moment where “no” loses all its weight?
I wanted you there, as I wished for your skin against mine.


One day I will be in the arms of a sculptor,
And my body will be clay beneath their hands.


This fountain of fire can sing
The flames down upon my skin.


There is grace in the touch of Diana’s subtle glow;
illuminating the darkest night with her caress.

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