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Only the stories of old have stitched themselves onto the sky,
Their names pinned to the heavens for every wanderer to read,
To gaze up at that inky blackness and ask those who came before,
To tell the stories of those stretched across the stars.

She will be older and wiser, hands veined with the trials of age,
Yet her eyes will be bright to her companion’s gaze.
His eagerness will flood her mind with a memory of when she
Asked the same. She will smile.

And begin.

She will spin the tale of mighty Heracles, tracing the lines of his body,
Spreadeagled among the stars, penitent in his physical prostration.
Orion will burn bright upon her words, placed in the heavens by
Regretful Gods. Their tears create the trails of flame across the blackness.

Her hands will measure out the stars, grains of sand between her fingers,
Hot to the touch as if warmed by the sun for the duration of a day.
The words of the tales will trip off her tongue into the
Enraptured ears of the younger of the wandering pair.

Cassiopeia watches with her overturned gaze, searching for her Andromeda.
Draco, the guardian of the North, stands ready for his God.
Pegasus rides forever throughout the swirling nights of old.
All have had their stories written into the fabric of the universe.

These are the legends and myths that have survived an age
A story printed upon the sky for all to see and hear
Each moment passed from mouth to eager ear as the stories
Repeat themselves.

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  1. I really like this one! Awe when looking at the night sky is something I’ve experienced since I was a small boy. At primary school, my best friend and I wanted to be the first me on the moon… (we failed).

    1. The idea of actually going to space terrifies me. I’d like to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground! But the beauty of the universe is amazing… it makes me feel so small. It’s great.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Isabella!! I am in awe of this poetry… and so many lines that stood out to me. I’ll share my two favorite:

    “Hot to the touch as if warmed by the sun for the duration of a day.”


    “Her hands will measure out the stars, grains of sand between her fingers,”

    You cram in vivid imagery in these lines, let alone the stanzas. I felt it was more along the lines of storytelling. But that’s always the beauty in poetry, isn’t it? The ways we choose to tell a story. I love reading your poetry. In fact, this may be a new overall favorite of mine of yours!! ❤️ ~Kelsey

    1. Wow thank you very much! It’s so nice to receive comments like this. Really makes my day. 😊😊😊

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