Top 5 Favourite Funny Feminists

Try saying that 10 times faster. 


Caitlin Moran

‘by feminist I mean “all women” unless you have recently and decisively campaigned to have your voting rights removed’ – from Moranthology. 

Journalist and basically the coolest person on the planet. She has interviewed David Tennant, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, and been to a Berlin sex dungeon with Lady Gaga… and managed to make a complete tit of herself in front of pretty much of all of them and lived to tell the tale. This makes her a hero in my eyes.

It helps that she’s also a badass feminist, labour supporter, defender of the welfare state, anti-brexit voice, anti-trump… amongst other things.

I was introduced to Caitlin Moran by a friend at age eighteen, when he gave me a copy of How To Be A Woman. Apart from the fact that it’s super badass that a guy has read what is basically the fourth-wave feminist manifesto, it also enlightened me to various important things about being a woman… quelle surprise. Her other books range from fiction (How To Build A Girl) to a compilation of her columns (Moranthology).


Deborah Frances-White

‘Exploring our noble goals as feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them’ – The Guilty Feminist strap line.

Host of The Guilty Feminist podcast, and Australian stand-up comedian (will also be the 100th panelist to appear on Mock the Week come September 2018).

The Guilty Feminist is a brilliant podcast that tackles all sorts of issues ranging from Female Friendships, Period Poverty, Male Privilege, Sexuality… and so many more. There’s over a hundred episodes and they’re great for listening to and giggling inappropriately in various places. Every episode starts with a section called ‘I’m A Feminist But…’ which is a place for that week’s panelists to admit things they have done which they are not necessarily proud of whilst also being proud feminists. It’s hilarious.

Par example: ‘I’m a feminist but… I was stopped by a Moran missionary in the street so I started a dialogue about his beliefs as conversing with him as an atheist would help me understand and challenge some of his intolerances… but actually I only did it because he was really fit.’


Iliza Shlesinger 

‘but for the girls who might not know, you can wear whatever you want… it does not give someone the right to treat you like an animal’

I only discovered this very funny lady in July, but she’s got about three specials on Netflix (all of which I have watched), and has just released a new one called ‘Elder Millennial’ which is hilarious; I also suggest checking out ‘Confirmed Kills’. I feel that she will be my spirit animal when I get to thirty-five… she describes how she has a food dragon hiding inside of her that breaks free from time to time. I feel that. Obviously a lot of it is NSFW and not politically correct – then again, most comedy isn’t?

The reason she is on this list, however, is that throughout her comedy specials she makes various comments that are most definitely feminist (she owns one liners about bodily autonomy – basically reinventing the ‘no womb, no opinion!’ mantra from Friends). There has been much controversy over some of comments (including one time when she had a female-only show, denying men entry – (Men not allowed into a certain space? How could they do that??)), then again, as a comedian are you really doing it right if some people don’t think you’re controversial?

Jo Brand

‘The women I really admire were the Jo Brand generation, who’d appear on a bill with male comics […]— they’re the women who really hustled for us.’ – Katherine Ryan

A stalwart on the list, and also a staunch Labour supporter, which makes her doubly cool. Her dry comedic delivery on panel shows has always been hilarious; especially the time when she talked about how she ripped some windscreen wipers off a van windshield because they harassed her on the street and then got stuck in traffic. It was brilliant.

Katherine Ryan

“Even today, I’ve had a man asking me when the decision-maker is going to be home.” She laughs. “I say, ‘Well, she’s in school for another two hours.’” And those people who used to shout “Women aren’t funny!” in the clubs? They can still reach out to her online to tell her in graphic terms why they don’t like her. “So yep,” she shivers briefly. “They still exist.” – The Times

Another favourite of mine who never fails to make me laugh. She has been on my periphery for years, as a panelist on Mock The Week or on Have Got News For You. I watched her special on Netflix and it was absolutely hilarious. She is also constantly delivering smack downs on twitter (@KathBum) to various patriarchal or men’s rights movements (the latest one being the #HeToo movement – what the actually f*ck?).

She is also a badass single mum who takes her kid of the road with her. Pretty rad.


Do you have any fancy funny fabulous feminists who should be on this list – let me know! 


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  1. How have I never heard about any of these wonderful women before? Thank you for an educational post. I enjoyed reading about the bada$$ feminists described here!

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it – hopefully they’ll bring you hours of laughter as you watch/read their stuff 😀

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