I’m hosting a writing challenge, and I’d like all my creative readers to get involved and flex their fiction muscles. If that sounds like something that would appeal to you… then read on.

The Challenge: 

If you’d like to get involved, then please write a response to the following prompt:

One day, at 9.43am on a fairly boring day in the middle of November, the clocks start to go backwards. For twenty-four hours, in a world ruled by the ticking of time, everything is complete chaos. 


How It Works: 

  1. Each piece can be no more than 1,000 words and no shorter than 300 words.
  2. It can be any genre you like, there’s no specification.
  3. Responses must be in English.
  4. Email your finished pieces to isabellahumepoetry@gmail.com.
  5. There is no deadline for this challenge, and I will repost it occasionally, to see if anyone else wants to get involved.

What I Will Do: 

  1. I will share every response I receive in it’s own blog post on my site with links to the author and their blog, and I will share them on my social media.*
  2. I will give meaningful feedback on each piece I receive, as one author reading another author’s work.

I’m calling it a challenge and not a competition because unfortunately there’s not going to be any prizes to speak of (because I can’t afford it – not going to lie!). The feedback/critical analysis I’m offering will have to work as a prize – hopefully that’s okay with you guys.

How You Can Help: 

  1. If there’s some bloggers or writers who you think would be interested in getting involved in this then let them know about it/share it with them.
  2. If you fancy reblogging this challenge/sharing it on your social media channels I would be grateful! I want to see the best fiction chops this amazing community of bloggers has to offer. There’s some incredible authors out there, and I’d love to have the pleasure of reading/sharing their stuff.


I’m super excited to see what stories you guys come up with! I hope you’ll get involved and share your amazing stories with me.



* I will share all posts I receive on the proviso that they are grammatically correct & written in good English, and are not overly explicit/disturbing content. Here I’m basically talking about erotica/extreme violence. If this were a movie I’d ask you guys to keep it PG-13/R… Let’s not take it to NC-17 okay? There’s other sites for that kind of thing!


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