One of my goals in my 25 before 25 list was to post some of my art up on my blog. I figured with less than two weeks to go before my quarter of a century milestone arrives, that today is probably as good a time as any.


Now, as a disclaimer, I am not an artist. I dabble. I got a B in GCSE art (mostly because I refused to get on board with whatever scumbling was, and hated working in chalk).

I got back into drawing a bit last year, and have created a few things here and there. They are mostly pencil, and they are all copied from reference drawings (I can’t just make these things up!). So, without further ado, here are some of my drawings.

Note – all of these photos were taken on a phone, so the quality might be not 100%.




So there you have it. Those are pretty much the only drawings that I’m willing to share at the moment! Bonus points if you can guess who any of the portraits are supposed to be. I’ll have to get my pencils out and have another crack at something sometime soon. Just got to find the right reference picture that I really want to have a go at drawing…

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    1. Hahaha why thank you, but no. It’s of Billie Joe Armstrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️ that was the first portrait I drew. I tried. 😂

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