My Favourite Blog Posts: August

Each month I do a post rounding up some of my favourite pieces I’ve found around WordPress this particular month. They may not have actually been written this month, it’s just when I stumbled across them. I hope you like some (or all) of the ones that I especially enjoyed this month! 

I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read, so if you’ve got any recommendations of things that you think I’d like, please let me know in the comments. 

You can read my favourite posts from May, June and July as well.


Here’s what’s wrong with the wellness industry on Blue Jay of Happiness

One of the reasons I love this post is it introduced me to the term “nutribollocks” – I love it.

Favourite Book Bloggers on The Bibliophagist

I am here for any blog that helps readers discover new bloggers now that WordPress has somehow (inexplicably) made this harder (no, I will not stop bi*ching about the loss of community pool). Check this post out for some of your new favourite book bloggers!

A Love Letter To Myself (And To You) on Existential Ergonomics

“Maybe the young man who flunked biology will read, “You are enough” and feel a little better. Perhaps an overworked custodian will find the poorly-drawn smiley face paired with “Have a great day!” and crack a smile.”

Nonfiction Titles: Celebrating Women in Translation on What’s Nonfiction?

“August is Women in Translation month, an annual celebration of writing by women translated into English.”

On Boy Books and Girl Books on Pernille Ripp

Featured on Discover on August 1st, this blog post goes into why we should ditch the idea of their being “girl books” and “boy books” in order to encourage reading among children, and to attempt to steer the next generation away from irritating (and harmful) gender stereotypes.

Bulletproof backpacks; the solution to school shootings on The Thing Is

“The idea is completely absurd.”

Pretty much sums it up to be honest. For some reason American gun control is something I’ve always had an interest in – mostly because I simply cannot get my head around their current laws, or the logic pervaded in 99.99999% of the arguments, which has been consistently pulled apart. As the piece says though, gun culture is deeply embedded in American society, and it’s going to take many many years for that way of thinking to change.

What were your favourite blogs or blog posts this month? I’m always on the lookout for new things to read and new blogs to follow! Let me know in the comments! 

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