I love September. It’s my favourite time of the year, and I say this not only because it’s my birthday month! There’s just something so gorgeous about the world as summer slowly fades away amd the trees begin to turn to their beautiful reds, oranges, and golds. It’s still warm enough to go out in just a t-shirt/jacket, and the days are still light enough to be out and about in the evening. September just feels… peaceful to me. 

*Starts listening to ‘September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire.’ 

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Another reason I love September is that it always feels like a fresh start. Probably because I’ve always associated it with starting back at school (and that new stationery feeling!), or at university. As someone who still works in Higher Education, my annual timetable still very much adheres to this kind of cyclical agenda.

I like the air in September – it feels fresher and crisper than the air in the summer. September is the month when you get two seasons blending into one. Early September is usually still warm and balmy, and then as the month fades away autumn starts to make it’s chilly presence felt, and the warm days give way to beautiful autumnal skies.


Favourite Things To Do In September 

  1. Lazy mornings drinking coffee in my favourite cafe whilst scribbling away at my poetry (it helps that they have ah-mazing red velvet cake!).
  2. Firing up the slow cooker again and starting to make stews, casseroles, and other yummy dishes to warm up.
  3. Getting my jumpers and jackets out of the wardrobe/drawers again.
  4. Buy my winter boots! (This year I need a pair of Dr Martens).
  5. Buying new stationery – I know, I know, I’m not a student anymore – but I just can’t help myself!
  6. Go on walks along the river in the cooling air with my aged labrador.
  7. Go exploring through the beautiful changing colour of the trees, and kick the leaves (who says only children can do this?!).
  8. Pick out all the books I’m theoretically going to read before Christmas.
  9. Start wearing darker makeup again (I love me some deep red lipstick).
  10. Celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.
  11. Celebrate the birthdays of my two best friends!
  12. Watch all the movies that are going to be on next year’s Oscar noms lists (now that the summer blockbuster season is out of the way).

What do you like to get up to as summer turns to autumn? Let me know in the comments below. 


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4 replies on “Welcome September!

  1. Happy almost birthday to you–spoil yourself. Red velvet cake sounds like a good start! Fall is so nice here where I am, too. Summer is just brutally hot and humid, so I welcome the change of seasons! Fall for me means getting back down to business with my writing–on and off the blog. And it’s submission season–to literary journals and agent query season, so fingers and toes crossed!

    1. Oooo good luck!! I’m sure you’ll smash it! <3

      Summer nights are hot here too (and we don't do have air conditioning!). I don't think I've slept with my balcony door shut (I live in a sixth floor apartment), since about June, just to get some cool air through!

  2. I love September too. For the last decade or so it has been an extension of Summer with sunshine and warm days but thankfully cool nights. Some flowers start to finish but there are plenty of others that keep going into October. I usually take a week’s break in early September to somewhere in the UK, like Cornwall or Devon. We normally have until mid october before the foul weather sets in.

    1. Yeah, I always like to see how long it is until “winter” really starts. If we can get to the last week of October without it getting horrid then I count that as a win! 😀

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