25 Lessons in 25 Years: 17-20

What did you learn in your twenties? Do you agree with these thoughts and ideas? Let me know in the comments!


17. Your Parents Were Probably Right… 

As I’ve got older I’ve realised that parents do actually know a lot of stuff. I can almost hear my mother saying I told you so as she reads this. That knowledge ranges from how to make an omelette to being there with a gentle hug when you do something that they’ve done before and got the t-shirt for. Having said that, they’re only right…

18. … About Some Things

They don’t know everything. We all have to make our mistakes in order to get on with their life. Also their advice isn’t infallible of course they can be wrong. Just don’t push them away if they do offer advice… it’s usually coming from a good place.

19. The Little Things Are The Best

Sometimes the little things mean the most; whether it’s staying in and watching your favourite tv show or reading our favourite book with a cup of tea. Sometimes it could be something that someone does for you – a friend getting you flowers out of the blue, or just leaving a message on your mobile to make your smile. Of course grand gestures are lovely, but when you’ve had a crappy day sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel better.


20. Cake Tastes Better Than Skinny Feels

I think it was Kate Moss who said this, sometime in the nineties when heroin-chic was very much the in thing. It’s probably haunted her ever since. I mean the thing is, she was so very very wrong. There are so many things that taste better than skinny feels – red velvet cake for example. Don’t deny yourself things just because of some fad diet or new faze. As someone very wise once said… you only live once.

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