I Am Angry About Brexit

I am angry about Brexit.
Or should that be Fuck-it?
Or what-the-hell-is-it?
Or oh-my-god-this-is-all-going-to-shit?

The timer started running, and still we didn’t know,
It’s a farce, a scam, a sham.
An attempt to get the eggs out of the cake
Once it’s been in the oven for years to bake.

It’s selling out our future
On a boatload of lies
Against an imaginary armada
That exists in some people’s minds.

It was a close run thing
To throw it all away.
Only 1% more took the chance
Of those who voted on the day.

We’ve been misled by those at the top
Those supposed to do what’s best
Are more concerned with themselves
In cold and calculated self-interest.

When the medication runs low
And some of our favourite foods too
Will we look to each other and say;
“At least Brussels can’t tell me what to do”?

This could cause another brain-drain
As people leave for fairer shores
Some have disappeared already
To a country that values them more.

I’m angry about Brexit.
About how helpless I feel
We’re heading towards a cliff-edge
With nobody at the driver’s wheel.

Are we too late to turn around?
To keep the eggs in the cake where they belong?
Can somebody please be sensible
Before we fuck it all up, for my whole life long?

I’m only in my twenties
With the whole world at my feet
Don’t close those borders to me
Because of some illegal cheat.

Who lied and lied and lied
Who told us things that just weren’t true
It’s been found to be illegal
And yet still we head into the blue.

The one who called it lost it all
And then fucked off into thin air
The gambler of his country’s future
The twat who started this nightmare.

I’m angry about Brexit.
It’s been said it can’t be done
So can we stop running into the brick wall
And call it off for the sake of everyone?


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