It’s been an amazing six months of my journey into blogging! I started at the end of April 2018, and whilst I have been MIA because of a few personal issues over the past month or so, I am aiming to get back on the horse!

Anyway, some of my posts have had a lot of love from you beautiful people, and I just wanted to hark back and give those posts a wee bit more recognition! So in the view of it being six months since I started blogging, here are my six most loved posts! They’re pretty diverse, but you guys seem to especially like my book recommendations, with my first ‘Six Beautiful Books That Changed My Life’ being pinned over 100 times. That’s pretty sweet. If you could show anymore of these posts some love, I would be very grateful.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me support in these six months. I’ve gained 238 followers, which I thought was pretty good going, and the engagement and comments from my readers has been really incredible and humbling. Thank you!

Six Beautiful Books That Changed My Life


Another Six Beautiful Books That Changed My Life


5 Things I Have Learned After A Very Short Time Blogging


25 Before 25


Having Coffee With Hermione Granger


Leuchtturm vs. Moleskine


Looking back, it just goes to show that I do post a fairly eclectic mix on here, and that my lovely readers seem to enjoy that kind of approach. I hope it makes my blog more interesting, having a general theme of literature, writing, poetry, and culture, but not being too strict with myself in staying in one genre.

What do you think?

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  1. I love your eclectic mix, and especially enjoy when you get all academic on us (or a little academic anyway)! My degree is in creative writing, so I’m always envious of those with serious literature chops! Congrats on 6 months. The blog is great, and I’m glad you’re back!

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