My feet are aflame with the need to move
The need to go, this instant, this moment
To run into the open world and see what’s there.
But I am scared.

It will be difficult and unknown
I will be leaving all that is familiar behind
The streets I have walked for six years
Will be paths once trod.

I will need to gather my courage
And store it in the well beneath my heart.
Living life does not happen without me.
I need to be brave.

I have faced difficult before this day
Difficult matters of the mind, and of the soul.
This is different; only I can take this leap
Into the water when there may be rocks below.

I will grind my teeth and tense my body
For what is to come. The different. The new.
It will be frightening to the softer side of me.
But I will be brave.

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