This is more to me than it is to you.
I have to let you in; into my body.
My body becomes a home for your body,
For a while.

I was made to love this way
As were you. Driven by our desires;
That led us down this path.
No better than any other; just different.

Nobody will live in your body;
Except by your choice.
Or by some act of violence
Which I pray never happens.

My body is made to invite yours in;
And it was my choice to do that.
But still, it is scary, you being part of me;
A part of me I have never experienced before.

Please do not take it the wrong way;
Do not be offended, saddened, sickened,
If I am withdrawn from you for a while.
I have just let you do something momentous.

It was scary for me.
To be that vulnerable to anyone.
Please understand, just because this is give and take;
I am the one taking something you do not.

I will need time to process that
Perhaps others in your past did not.
I want to invite you in again
To lay my body down with yours.

But please, give me a moment
to breathe.

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