Portraits - by Jay Chow
Photo by Jay Chow

I feel everything so deeply
Perhaps more than someone else
And I am guilty of pride
In the depth of that pleasure
and of that pain.

I feel things in my teeth, throat, chest, gut.
It has a life of it’s own ready
to burst from my body.
Floating free waiting to be
Stamped under foot.

Sometimes I wish to be free
To remember a life
This weight.

What would that be like?

This the fuel to my fire
To make the words pour
Like petrol on the flames.
Would I then be an empty shell?

Or would there be room for the new? The beautiful? The possible?

How do I get there?

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7 replies on “78.

  1. Dear Isabel
    Just read your poem and my heart was touched.
    The future course of my life will be irrevocably changed after reading your awe inspiring poem.
    Please feel free to send me any more of your wonderful poetry.
    Thank You
    David Brown.

  2. This was such a candid piece: it was as though you reached right into my head and wrote down whatever I was thinking, only in the most eloquent way possible. Questions, questions, but no answers.

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