I know it’s been a while since I posted on here, but I’ve been keeping myself busy alright. In the space of a couple of months I’m on the lookout for a new job, applying for a PhD, and I have launched a new blog and story sharing platform with a good friend of mine!

We are called The Feminist Circle.

We launched on International Women’s Day 2019 (so last week), and have got lots of interesting articles up already; from introducing Greta Thunberg (who’s just been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!), to talking about Sex Education in the UK; the fight for women’s pensions; fitness advice… and Mary, Queen of Scots. The list goes on!

We also have a submissions section, so if you’d like to write for us, then you can submit an article idea if you’ve heard something that some amazing woman/person is up to to forward the cause of equality, women’s rights, or generally just being plain awesome. We’re keen to promote intersectionality and inclusivity on our blog, so come and get involved!

It would mean a lot if you would go check it out, and give us a follow (the WordPress follow and email sign up are in the footer). We’ve just started, so we’re small at the moment, but we really hope to grow into something amazing, where women (and everyone else!) can share incredible stories in the fight for the equality of the sexes.





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    1. very useful to know! If you go into one of the posts, on the sidebar there’s a “follow us on WordPress” button… does that work?

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