I want those at the top to hear us roar
Our voices together, from rich to poor
Lists of names from Brits abroad
Who are shouting out to not be ignored

I would march with my sisters and brothers
The fighters, the strong, the changemakers, the lovers
Who are taking to the London streets to say
We demand better than Theresa May.

The country is divided from top to bottom
Sick and tired after three years of nothing.
We’ve looked to the left, and looked to the right
But as far as we see, there’s no help in sight.

So we’ve signed the petitions and drawn the posters
Hoping our MPs will listen to what matters the most.
We need to stop this train, sit down and think
Unlike those in power, who’ve led us to the brink.

We need time to speak, and time to heal
For the wounds from Brexit are much to real
Brother against brother, and friend against friend
Wouldn’t it be great if all this could end?

Many who voted to go would now like to stay
But the PM won’t let them have another say
“Brexit means brexit” the Maybot intones
Whilst neglecting to reap the divisions she’s sown.

Brexit was a symptom, and not just the cause
Of people bent double under the weight of it all.
Of the struggle to live, and to survive,
That was all people could do, there was no space to thrive.

“We want more than this!” people rightly thought,
Without really knowing what it was they sought.
So the Brexit beast slid on through
People taken in by the lies of a few.

But we demand better than that for our future,
We want openness and tolerance to be our culture.
People are standing up from coast to coast
And saying “We demand a People’s Vote!”


If you’re a UK citizen and haven’t already, sign the Revoke Article 50 petition here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584

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