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This blog is the mind palace where all of my writing and poetry lives, and I publish new content throughout the week. There’s a lot to discover, and I have recommendations depending on what you’re looking to read.

I’m a 25 year old writer living in the North of England. I decided to start this website because I wanted a place to share my writing with the world. As such, Isabella Hume was born…

If it’s your first time visiting Isabella Hume I recommend you travel on over to my featured content page. Here there is a mix of articles that give a flavour of what my blog has to offer – perfect if you’ve got twenty minutes on your lunch break to read a few articles!

Other areas of my blog are more bespoke:

If you’re looking to get your fill of poetry – easy to read in three minutes or less – you can take a look at my poetry collection. There’s also a section for all things Art & Culture, if you’d like to read about films or music that I’m loving at the moment.

To read longer articles, musings on the world, and other, lengthier, content, I would recommend going to my editorial content. Here you’ll find articles about literature, debate topics, and other longreads all in the same place. The Sixth Time and World of Words are longer series that I am writing at the moment. The former is about the six times I’ve been in love, whilst World of Words explores the poetry and literature of various countries across the globe.

For content regarding blogging, birthdays, competitions, writing, and other miscellaneous lighthearted topics that occur to me then I suggest you go and check out She, Myself & I. Here you’ll find such articles as my ’25 Lessons In 25 Years’ series, or information on how to get involved in my fiction writing challenge.

On the other hand, if you’d just like to go for lucky dip – you can head on over to The Vault (archives), where you’ll find a little bit of everything!

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